Convene County Board Meeting
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
Determine Quorum
Establish Agenda
Agenda Approved
1. Consent Agenda
1. Minutes of May 8, 2018 9:00 AM
2. Minutes of May 8, 2018 9:30 AM
2. Dean Schrandt, Water Program Manager
1. 2018-24 : County Resolution to Add SWCD Other Waters Resolution as Addendum to the Dodge County Comprehensive Local Water PlanComment
documentResolution Printout
a. Dodge SWCD Other Waters Resolution for Water Plan
3. Kelly Vincelette, 4-H Program Coordinator
1. Extension Update/Introduction of New Regional DirectorComment
documentMemo Printout
a. County Board Update DODGE 2018_05
b. 2018 Board report template
4. Lisa Hager, Employee Relations Director & Jim Elmquist, County Administrator
1. Non-Union PayscaleComment
documentMemo Printout
a. Non-Union Payscale
5. Lisa Hager, Employee Relations Director
1. Personnel AgendaComment
documentMemo Printout
6. Scott Rose, Sheriff
1. 2018 City Contracts to be signed by BoardComment
documentMemo Printout
a. City of Claremont
b. City of Dodge Center
c. City of Hayfield
d. City of Mantorville
7. Matthew Maas, Emergency Management Director & Scott Rose, Sheriff
1. Dispatch StaffingComment
documentMemo Printout
a. Dispatch staffing vs call volume
8. Rose Culbertson, Taxpayer Services Director
1. Review BillsComment
documentMemo Printout
a. May 22 2018
9. Melissa DeVetter, Zoning Administrator
1. SE MN Water Resources Board Feedlot Grant AgreementComment
documentMemo Printout
a. SEMNWRB FL Grant Agreement
10. Paul Kiltinen, County Attorney
Legal Update
11. Administration Committee Report - Commissioner Rodney Peterson
County Administrator Update
1. County Administrator UpdateComment
documentMemo Printout
12. Public Safety Committee Report - Commissioner David Kenworthy
1. Sheriff's UpdateComment
documentMemo Printout
13. Public Works Committee Report - Commissioner John Allen
1. Waive After the Fact Septic Tank Permit FeeComment
documentMemo Printout
County Commissioner Reports
Other Deferred Business
14. Adjourn